Supply Drop Parachutes

Supply Drop Parachutes are used for dropping cargo loads weighing up to 150 kgs. This system assembly consists of the canopy and pack and can be dropped from deployment height of min. 750’- up to max. 15,000’ at wind speeds ranging from 120 knots – 150 knots. The SD Parachutes are qualified for airdrops from IL-76, V-17 & AN- transport food & oil supplies.

Heavy Cargo Drop Parachute Systems

Heavy Cargo Drop Parachute systems are specialized systems used to safely drop heavy payloads from aircraft. These parachutes are designed to handle much larger weights compared to regular parachutes, and are often used to deliver supplies, equipment, or food to remote or inaccessible locations. The systems typically consist of large, high-strength parachutes, strong ropes or cables, and secure containers or pallets to hold the payload. The Parachutes are deployed from an aircraft, and the payload slowly descends to the ground under the canopy, where it is retrieved.